About MolloThaba

We are a private, intimate and down-to-earth, self-catering game lodge in the Black Rhino Game Reserve with direct access to the majestic Pilanesberg National Park. We cater specifically to small parties of families or friends of up to either 10, 6, or 4 guests per party. Our team is focused on ensuring that your stay with us is welcoming, comfortable and relaxing.

Full moon at MolloThaba Game Lodge

Welcome to MolloThaba!

Our genuine, down-to-earth private game lodge, nestled in the foothills of an extinct volcano that gave birth to a game reserve!

MolloThaba Game Lodge (previously Morokolo Game Lodge) is situated in the Black Rhino Game Reserve, a private section of the Pilanesberg National Park in the North West Province of South Africa, and the first extension towards the completion of the corridor with Madikwe Game Reserve. With full access to the Big 5 and many other fauna and flora, including over 350 different bird species, this malaria-free private reserve has exclusive use of over 19 000 hectares of the Pilanesberg Game Reserve that is not accessible to the general public.

Our name means ‘Fiery Mountain’ or ‘Mountain of Fire’ in Setswana.

The name “Pilanes” comes from a historic Tswana chief named Pilane.

The Pilanesberg is a mountain in the North West Province, South Africa.

The mountain is an ancient volcanic structure, circular in shape, that rises from flat surrounding plains. It is formed by three concentric ridges or rings of hills, of which the outermost has a diameter of about 24 km.

The Pilanesberg is located 100 km to the North-West of Pretoria and Johannesburg, and is for the greater part enclosed in the protected area known as the Pilanesberg National Park.

Combined, the Pilanesberg National Park and Black Rhino Game Reserve offer traversing on over 55 000 hectares of diverse landscapes.

4 white rhinos walking together on Black Rhino Game Reserve

Pilanesberg exists within the transition zone between the dry Kalahari and wetter Lowveld vegetation, commonly referred to as “Bushveld”. Unlike any other large park, unique overlaps of mammals, birdlife and vegetation occur because of this transition zone.

1.2 billion years ago a volcano towering 7000m in height erupted and later collapsed, forming a crater that became the base of Mankwe dam. Millions of years of erosion left behind a hard rock that became the mountain Pilanesberg is most famous for. There are only three ring dyke complexes in the world and Pilanesberg Mountain is the best preserved by far. Nestled at the foot of this fire mountain, is where you will find MolloThaba.

The creation of the Pilanesberg National Park is considered one of the most ambitious programmes of its kind to be undertaken anywhere in the world. Operation Genesis, which involved the game-fencing of the reserve and the reintroduction of long-vanished species, began during the late 70’s. 6000 animals were resettled into the park over the course of the early 1980s. Operation Genesis is still the largest game translocation undertaken in the world, and as a result the park now has in excess of 10,000 animals.

In 2008 the Black Rhino Game Reserve was incorporated into the Pilanesberg National Park, the first step in building the corridor linking the Pilanesberg National Park to Madikwe Game Reserve. With no fences separating Black Rhino Game Reserve from the Pilanesberg National Park all the wildlife has complete access across the entire area. Game drives are only permitted with the lodge’s dedicated game viewing vehicle, no self-driving in this area is allowed. Staying in the Black Rhino Reserve also gives guests exclusive access to the wilderness area of the Pilanesberg where no day visitors are permitted to drive. The reserve has its own private entrance with 24/7 security access control.

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